Taxonomic studies on Iranian Braconidae (Alysiinae and Opiinae)

The knowledge of the Iranian fauna has always had a special interest thanks to the climatic conditions and geographical location (Eastern Palaeartic region). With an area of 1,648,195 km2 and different climatic ranges, from extremely arid to a subtropical rainy, Iran is divided from NW to NE by the Alborz mountain. This orography favors the occurrence of unique flora and fauna.

The first records of Iranian Braconids were done by Szépligeti in 1901. Despite this discovery, few studies were carried out posteriorly and subfamilies such as Alysiinae and Opiinae were greatly ignored. Consequently, teams from different Iranian universities (researchers and students) together with Braconidae specialists are carrying out several projects in order to increase that knowledge.

Main researches and universities cooperating are:

List of papers published: 

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