Taxonomic reviews of Alysiinae (Braconidae) from South America, North America, Africa, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Europe and Asia

The subfamily Alysiinae is one of the most peculiar and diverse endoparasitoid subfamilies of the family Braconidae. Morphologically, the two tribes are mainly separated by the presence (Alysiini) or absence (Dacnusini) of the transverse radio-medial vein (r-m) of the fore wing. Alysiini are parasitoids of a wide range of Diptera-Cyclorrapha while Dacnusini are exclusively specialized on leaf and stem miners of the families Agromyzidae, Ephydridae and Chloropidae.

Despite the vast literature on this subfamily, its generic classification is quite imperfect and complicated. However, five specialists have helped to raise the profile of the Palaearctic and world species in the last years. These are Maximilian Fischer, Vladimir I. Tobias (1929–2011), Jenö Papp ( –2017), Cornelis van Achterberg, and Sergey A. Belokobylskij.

In this project the revision of different Alysiinae genera are carried out.

Main researches and universities cooperating are:

  • Maximilian Fischer (Natural History Museum Vienna)
  • Sergey A. Belokobylskij (Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences) [website] [Researchgate]
  • Kees van Achterberg (Northwest University) [Researchgate]
  • Jenö Papp (Natural History Museum Budapest, Hungary)
  • Ehsan Rakhshani (University of Zabol) [Researchgate]
  • Thorkild Munk (Aarhus, Denmark)
  • Marti Koponen (Stockholm, Finland)
  • Ricardo Jiménez Peydró (University of Valencia) [Researchgate]

List of papers published: 

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