Hello! My name is Francisco Javier Peris Felipo, I was born in 1983 in Valencia (Spain). I’m biologist and I have a PhD in Entomology. I have had experience in several fields such as biodiversity, taxonomy, ecology, agriculture and pest control, among others. I’m specialist in Alysiinae and Opiinae, two subfamilies within Braconidae (Hymenoptera). Up to now, I have described 121 new species of Alysiinae, I have published 99 papers, 7 books, 9 book chapters and 1 book review and I have carried out 37 stays abroad in several Natural History Museums and Research Centers. Currently, I am working in Syngenta. In my free time I like traveling, doing sports, spending time with friends, and working on my projects about insects. I collaborate with different museums and universities in projects of taxonomy, ecology and evolution of Braconidae.

If you want to know more about me, please take a look at my page.